Favorite straight key late 19th century

Favorite straight key late 19th century
My 19th century EARLY SWISS / ITALIAN LAND LINE KEY:(31KB) Heavy brass key with 1/2 X 5/16 X 4-1/2" straight lever. Adjustable pull-down spring beyond pivot. Doorknob shaped knob. Make & Break contacts. Huge adjusting screws. All parts and screw heads are numbered "12". 5-7/8 X 2-13/16" wooden base with recessed wiring. Greg Ulsamer, DL1BFE, reports that this kind of key was first made in the 1850's by a Mechanicus by the name of Kaufman in the town of Solothurn and later by the 'Eidgenoessische Telegraphenwerkstaette' which was the workshop of the (governmental) Swiss Telegraph Administration. Since many of these keys are found in Italy, it has previously been assumed that they were Italian.

vendredi 9 mai 2014


Had a QSO with 7X4AN. That is an Algerian call-sign, but his QRZ.com page indicated a QTH in Spain. So not really sure where he was as no city was sent during the contact. I seem to recall working him a year or two ago.

A couple of brief contacts across the pond. KD3CA, very brief with heavy QSB, and VC3X in Nova Scotia. Only 339 given me, though essentials exchanged. QSB was an issue last night.

Another Special Event station, RP69TR worked. Quite an elegant certificate as taken from their QRZ.com page.

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  1. Good morning Dick, I have had it happen were you make a nice contact and check things out with QRZ.COM and the call does not exist with them! If I were you what I have done if there is an email address handy I would shoot him an email regarding his QTH.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Mike. I guess I could send an e-mail. Probably should have done it immediately while the QSO was still fresh. Oh well,next time.73 Dick