Favorite straight key late 19th century

Favorite straight key late 19th century
My 19th century EARLY SWISS / ITALIAN LAND LINE KEY:(31KB) Heavy brass key with 1/2 X 5/16 X 4-1/2" straight lever. Adjustable pull-down spring beyond pivot. Doorknob shaped knob. Make & Break contacts. Huge adjusting screws. All parts and screw heads are numbered "12". 5-7/8 X 2-13/16" wooden base with recessed wiring. Greg Ulsamer, DL1BFE, reports that this kind of key was first made in the 1850's by a Mechanicus by the name of Kaufman in the town of Solothurn and later by the 'Eidgenoessische Telegraphenwerkstaette' which was the workshop of the (governmental) Swiss Telegraph Administration. Since many of these keys are found in Italy, it has previously been assumed that they were Italian.

mardi 8 avril 2014

W1AW 100 years

In the past couple of days I have worked W1AW. Actually the /3 two times most recently. Couple other USA stations, including KA1EFO. One watt from the HW-8. Conditions not too great. Lots of QRM from Radio China which overloads the front end of my direct conversion HW-8. Radio China doesn't broadcast on the 20 meter amateur band so must be a harmonic of their multi-billion KW English service station. Interference depends on conditions and time of day, of course.

I have been looking for another HW-8 and HW-9. Couple of possibilities in the USA. Hope something develops. Would buy now and have them sent to my sister to hold for me. Won't hold my breath.

Weather chilly and rainy. Not pleasant.

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  1. Hi Dick, you hear Radio China over the whole HF spectrum. Pretty annoying. Yes, the weather here the same, yesterday the thunderstorms came right from France to the Netherlands. Hi. Now it's much cooler. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul. Yes, Radio Chine can overload much of the 20-meter cw spectrum. As I said, depends on conditions and time of day. Sometimes not audible, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Part of the HW-8 charm, hi. I just deal with it. Lowering the sensitivity with the pre-selector sometimes helps.

    Sunny and chilly in Benodet this morning. 73 Dick