jeudi 10 avril 2014

Another Nan night

The usual lowest common denominator TV fare again tonight so I went upstairs to my hole-in-the-wall radio shack to listen and perhaps work a station or two.

Had a nice QSO with OZ3FI. Not the first time. He had a very good signal from what I expect was his KX3.  He gave 10 watts as power.

Then I heard Nan, JA4FKX again. He completed a QSO with a station and sent another CQ.  I called and he returned. Not an easy contact. He had a good signal but plenty of QRM  (2x as much on a direct conversion receiver).  He gave me a 459 which was, probably, generous. Still, got the contact.

The rig was the Heath HW-8 and power one watt. 20 meters, as usual.

The photo explains why he was able to hear me. From his QRZ page.

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  1. Hello Dick, As a QRPp enthusiast I know that propagation is more important than the antenna. You are right, this antenna is better than an amplifier, since it works in both directions. Great to make such a memorable contact. 73, Bert

  2. Hello Dick,

    I worked a QRP station in Fort Plain, Ny this afternoon. I realized he was just down the road from Amsterdam, NY and he said he traveled there every day. You might know him from the local radio club or repeater? The call was KB2RSK/ QRP...running a little "flex" radio and an OFC dipole.

    I told him you were a good friend of mine. Thought you might know him?


  3. Hello John and thanks for the note. No, I don't know the gentlemen. In fact, other than one home-town local, I have never met or spoken to amateurs in the immediate area. I have "read the mail" on the local 2M repeater, but only when storm clouds loomed, hi. Plus being out of the country most of these last 10 years years has kept me out of touch. Glad you met another QRPer from my area...and running a 5 watt Flex at that. That is good QRP news. I continue to read your blog and offer sincere congrats on your recent QRP successes. I will be back in the USA for a summer stay. Have another HW-8 waiting, which will make two there. I seem to be regressing, tech-wise, hi. 73 Dick

    1. Keeping life as simple as possible is a noble goal in all aspects of life. I'm still listening for the occasional new DX country but alas, it's not the focus it once was. I get a tremendous joy from a good long QSO about the Navy, Music, or Telegraph keys. etc.

      The long distance "599" QSO's seem to have lost their appeal to me now. Once you achieve the goal....time to move along to more meaningful conversations.

      This afternoon I had a wonderful QSO with a mobile station driving along the interstate near Columbus Ohio. He was a board member of the LST 325 which was in Charleston WV last year. We talked about the ship which will be in Chattanooga TN this summer, the signal bridge and the flags on board. He's going to be selling fleas at the Dayton Hamfest this year in Row # 2 table #50 Hihi This summer will be my first visit to this hamfest and I'm looking forward to it very much.

      Hope to catch you on the air this summer when you're back in the US. I envy you very much with your freedom to move back and forth like you do. You're fortunate to be able to do so.

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