jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Back in France since Tuesday the 9th

Had a good flight, that is, a good airborne flight. JFK was jam-packed. Never saw so many people. Security was backed up to the entry doors. I think September 11 preparations had something to do with it. When we arrived in France, took the bus and and train to get here in Benodet. Absolutely jammed. Never again. Rental car the next time. Will stay overnight at a CDG airport hotel to catch up on sleep, if necessary. Too old for helter-skelter travel.

Put my "new" used K1 on the air yesterday, 5 watts.  Antenna the Par EF-20. Worked CT9/HB9BQU/P and 4X4NJ on 20 meters. No great distance but respectable.

Been reading about the big flare heading earth's way. Call me an alarmist, but my antenna is disconnected and equipment plugs are pulled from outlets. Probably an overreaction, but as propagation seems to be poor right now, might be a good time to clean up the shack.

73 Dick

dimanche 24 août 2014

Coax fail...oh well!

I guess as good a time as any, so I took the Buddistick down. Also packing up the gear. As usual, over here, not too much success. Did have a half dozen or so DX contacts and a few locals. Nothing to really brag about though.

The YL is looking forward to her return and I am too. Not a pleasant stay. My brother lost his wife to colon cancer at age 61. My good friend, younger than I, is failing rapidly. Mom too but she is 96 years old.

I don't expect to post anything else until we are back in Benodet.  That is unless something occurs.


samedi 23 août 2014

17 meters

Using antenna tuner, loaded the Buddistick and FT-817 on 17 meters. Heard RN3GL calling CQ. I answered and he returned immediately for a contact. Running 4 watts from the rig and with a distance of 4543 miles, the 1000 MPW was met.

I will, probably, take down the antenna this week and prepare for our return to la belle France.

73 Dick

samedi 16 août 2014

Saturday morning QSO

Heathkit HW-8 @ 1.3 watts to Buddistick. About 6:30 AM EST heard J3/AI5G in Grenada calling CQ on 20 meters. He was weak, I was surely much weaker. We made it a quick 2-way. Distance about 2,256 miles from here in central NYS so qualified for the 1,000 MPW thing.

Quite chilly here this morning. Lots of fog. More like early October.

Coffee time.

73 Dick

mercredi 13 août 2014

Today's QSO

Using the FT-817 at about 5 watts. Buddistick antenna, of course. And from here in NYS.  Worked P43E in Aruba.  Good distance this evening from here in the NE.

Now back to my Kindle read.


lundi 11 août 2014

Special Event Station

Using the "new" K1 on 20 meters late afternoon, worked AM03GHZ. About 5 watts to the Buddistick. Again from the USA shack using my USA call.


mardi 5 août 2014

Rare trans-atlantic QSO

I had the  HW-8 that I keep here running this afternoon at 1.3 watts. Heard a very strong signal from EA3GBA working stations. Dropped my call and he came back with an RST 579 report. First trans-atlantic contact from the USA side using the HW-8. Only the Buddistick, as usual so I was surprised by the contact and report.