vendredi 15 mai 2015

Not much doing

It has been pretty quiet here lately. While I heard some USA stations on 20 meters, I was unable to make contact. Interesting that they were calling CQ and no one was answering. An exception on Friday was VE2WU Marten. He was calling CQ, also numerous times with no response. I replied over and over and finally raised him. We ended up with a  nice long QSO. I was about 4 watts on the Argonaut 509.

This is the RBN screen just printed at about 0845 French time.

S50ARX F8WBD14038.3CW CQ2 dB14 wpm0636z 16 May
AA4VV F8WBD14038.3CW CQ6 dB14 wpm0636z 16 May
NY3A F8WBD14038.3CW CQ14 dB16 wpm0636z 16 May
OL5Q F8WBD14038.6CW CQ7 dB15 wpm0636z 16 May
DL9GTB F8WBD14038.3CW CQ4 dB15 wpm0636z 16 May
VE2WU F8WBD14038.3CW CQ8 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
W4KKN F8WBD14038.3CW CQ14 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
OH6BG F8WBD14038.3CW CQ7 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
PJ2A F8WBD14038.2CW CQ11 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
IK3STG F8WBD14038.3CW CQ7 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
HA1VHF F8WBD14038.3CW CQ11 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
WZ7I F8WBD14038.3CW CQ15 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
LA6TPA F8WBD14038.3CW CQ10 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
LA5EKA F8WBD14038.3CW CQ11 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
SE0X F8WBD14038.3CW CQ8 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May

vendredi 8 mai 2015

Couple across the pond

Late evening on the 5th, worked W2IQK. We exchanged the essentials, though lost each other later due to heavy QRN/QRM. Up early this morning for a blood test. Turned on rig to hear K5TF come back to my CQ on 14.060. Completed a nice QSO with Dick in Atlanta. Incredibly, I had a 27db report on the RBN from K3MT.

Rig Argonaut 509 at 4 watts.

Might be a good day on 20M if I can avoid the contesters.

First for me

No great distance though it falls into the 1000 mpw category. ER52MOM was the first Moldova for me. Using the  HW8 to the wet and leaf-covered Par antenna.

Operating conditions continue poor here

Nothing really improved here. I am now convinced the antenna placement among trees and especially leaves will be a problem from now until early fall. Nothing can be done about it.

I worked a few special event RP7 stations commemorating the end of WW2. The Russians have every right to remember how much the military and civilian population suffered and died. The horrific statistics will never be fully known.

Also worked a couple of Russian special event stations honoring the early radio researcher Alexander Popov.

Very late evening I heard NP4KT calling CQ on 14.060. We did a nice QSO. I had a 559 report and he was a good 5 6/7 9 here in Benodet. Both of us QRP, of course. I was on the K1 and I believe Milton was on his KX-3. His Yagi helped us both.

lundi 4 mai 2015

Only DX

Not much luck lately. I think the fact that the leaves on the oak tree in the back are now in bloom and covering 25% of my Par antenna has negatively affected my signal. That plus the fact that it has rained nearly every day for the past week has compounded the problem. Those tree leaves are very soggy.

Anyway, did work A45XR in Oman again on 20M. This time it took several repeats before he was able to acknowledge me. I thank him for the effort. Took nearly 4 watts from the old Argonaut to do it.

Last time, 1.2/3 watts from the HW-8.

jeudi 23 avril 2015

Another latenight QSO

At about 2315 my time in Benodet, I heard a very strong signal from Dennis K1LGQ on 14.050. Called him after his previous QSO and he returned immediately. He was amazed I was getting across the pond with one watt from my HW-8 and Par wire antenna. I was delighted to QSO him again after a fruitless evening trying to work some DX with the Heath. Funny just when I am about to put the old girl in a box, something nice happens

lundi 20 avril 2015

0100 in the morning QRP

Serious problems at my USA QTH (younger sister possibly in early dementia) kept me awake thinking what can be done...must be done. Went up to my hole-in-the-wall radio room to listen in. On 20 meters as usual. I gave a CQ call on 14.060 several times. Then Mike, K1OV/qrp answered. We completed a nice QSO. Averaging 549 RST. Slow to medium speed CW which is best when operating weak signal QRP. We were both at 4 watts. But what was very satisfying was we were both using wire antennas. He a dipole and I the Par EF-20. So let us say wire-to-wire antennas can work at 2X QRP levels. One of the two having a Yagi is not, always, necessary.

Took my mind off the USA problem which must be addressed this summer.

73 Dick